How To Organize Your Sample Library

If you have thousands or even tens of thousands of samples, as most producers do, the thought of manually organizing your samples probably makes you literally sick. Moving files around can also cause some of your past projects to break, resulting in literal silence when you open up House Drop #4 for the first time in 3 years.

Luckily, there is no need to manually move audio files around into different folders, just to drag them around 3 months ago when you decide to organize them even further. With Ample, organizing your samples is effortless and will be done by the time you grab your next cold brew. Let’s break down how it works

Sample Locations

Most producers have samples spread out across multiple hard drives, which makes it hard to sift through all of them. Ample lets you pick multiple folders which allows you to see all of your samples in one place.


Ample comes with 20+ categories straight out of the box ranging from kick to synth to 808. You can add more categories at any time. For example, maybe you want to create a dubstep category or a violin category. Every time that you open Ample is will automatically scan through all of your samples and analyze the file names of each sample to determine it’s categories, tempo,(BPM), and key. If the Tempo and Key could be determined, they will appear next to the name of the sample.

Once Ample is done categorizing your samples you can start filtering to find the perfect sample!


When you are searching for a sample, start by selecting a category. This will show you only the samples that are considered to be that category. From there you can search within those results. For example, you could select the Loops category and then search Strings to find Strings Loops. You can then order your results by Name, BPM, and Key. To copy the sample to your clipboard, click the copy button. To open the containing folder of the sample, click the folder button.

Once you find the perfect sample, you can simply drag it directly into your DAW seamlessly.


If you find a sample that you like to use a lot, you can click the star icon which will favorite that sample. Favorites will always appear at the top of the search results and you can see all of your favorites by clicking on the Favorites category.

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