Organize your samples

With Ample, finding the perfect sample for your next hit has never been easier!

You start off by telling you where you keep your samples. After that, we scan your samples and automatically categorize them for you. We even provide some basic categories for you straight out of the box. Don't worry, you can add more categories for us to use as well.

To find a sample, click on a category, and then from there, you can search within those results. You can also favorite a sample within a category so when you click on Kicks, you will see your favorites right on top. As you scroll down the list of samples, you can click on one to see the waveform and hear a preview of it. Once you find the perfect sample, you can either copy it or drag it right into your DAW.

Since we only scan your samples, we will not be able to harm or modify your samples in any way!